Monday, January 28, 2013

Van Gogh is Bipolar!

There are many restaurants in Metro Manila that I've been wanting to try and this little place has been on my list for almost two years now. Ever since I've heard many interesting reviews about this place, I've been itching to drag my friends to try dining in Van Gogh is Bipolar. My dream wasn't realized until last Friday that we decided to look for it in the foodie strip in Maginhawa street in Quezon City. And yes, it is definitely worth every peso spent. :)
The Cuckoo diet :)
It is a tricky place to find in Maginhawa street that we had to slow down and count the building numbers to stop at the exact place. Just look for 154 Maginhawa street and ask around. You have to walk inside a bit further the building compound and you'll see it on your left with no signage. Ask the guard on duty to be sure. :)
House Rules and hat racks
Remove your footwear before going inside and read the House Rules on the chalkboard on the left wall. This will save you time feeling like an idiot. Choose a hat on the rack while reading and be one with the place. I'm not kidding! Don't be like us! We went around the place looking for someone to ask but all were happy dining guests busy with their food until we saw the board! Haha.
The kitchen window
Look for the kitchen window. The menu would be there. Write your name and order on a piece of paper, ring the bell and voila! Someone would be there by the window to welcome you to the place and explain whatever other stuff you want to know about the place, the food and the dining experience.
Van Gogh is Bipolar menu
We went there without any reservations and the very nice chef owner Jethro welcomed us with open arms. He said that he doesn't accept walk-ins since the place could only accommodate a few guests. You have to call and get a reservation ahead of time. I don't know if we appear like lost kids with Puss-in-boots pleading eyes that he gave in or he's just in a happy mood to feed hungry girls.
Hi there, Alice! :)
He happily explained everything - from the cuckoo diet, his home that he extends to guests and how to order, dine and pay. It's a happy sanctuary for the food and mind. It feels like Alice down a rabbit hole full of art and good food. Paintings, sketches, graffiti, knick-knacks (I guess from all of his travels), clocks and notes decorate the place like an explosion of art and souls. I won't give justice merely describing in words because you have to see it for yourself.
Get your own teapots!
Make your own tea here :)
Post a note on the wall!
I've been staring at this wall clock filled with portraits.
I don't even know what I was eating at that time but everything just tasted good. Maybe the food concoction really makes you happy and calm that you'll get lost in eating and sharing carefree conversations with friends. The dessert will definitely wake up your happy hormones! Now I know why artists love the green fairy so much. :)
soup (sorry i don't know what it is called)
The Happy dish (meat and mashed potato)
Courtney Love's Potion 
The Chill dish (fish and black mountain rice)
Absinthe shot with chocolate and walnuts!
Try to peek into the restroom too. You'll be amazed by confessions on the wall and the decor inside the bathroom. Who knows? You might get comfort knowing a lot of people feel the same things as you do.
the dark room
Don't forget to write your own receipt, place your payment in the red box and get your change. Honesty system works here. Pay them right or the red box will cut off your hand. ;p
Money goes into the red box!
Food for the hungry tummy, heart, soul and mind - I'm definitely coming back!

Friday, November 19, 2010

heaven chocolate!

My friend bought this cake for my bestfriend called "Chocolate Heaven" from Red Ribbon and it was really heavenly! 

Four layers of chocolatey goodness! :)

The layers are composed of chocolate brownie, mousse, ganache, and topped with chocolate curls!
Heaven sent from chocoland! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Tapa King serves one of the best tapa around. The term "tapa" is usually associated with cured beef, although it can also refer to just plain cured meat. In Filipino cuisine, tapa is usually served with rice, fried egg and achara.
With several outlets around the metro, you can have different variations of affordable tapa meals like Tapa King, Tapa Queen, etc. Tapantastic costs only Php90 and you'll get a bowl of rice topped with tapa, fried egg and achara. Dip it in vinegar and you'll get a great meal :) Tapantastic!

Monday, November 15, 2010

sansrival = heaven :)

Betty's sansrival cake is the best sansrival I've tasted so far! Sansrival is one of the tastiest desserts from the Philippines. Each layer is filled with buttercream and nuts sandwiched by sweet meringue.

The best about Betty's cake is that it still tastes good even if it has melted a bit. It won't turn super chewy or too soggy like the other sansrival cakes out there. Betty's Sans rival and Catering services is located in M Cuenco St. cor Biak na Bato, Quezon City.

Friday, November 12, 2010

bibingka season!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for bibingka and puto bumbong - Filipino dishes which are very popular in the Philippines during Christmas season. Bibingka is a traditional Filipino dessert made with rice flour with salted eggs and cooked in clay pots with hot coals over it. It is glazed with margarine and sugar and topped with grated coconut. Yum!

almost finished my first bibingka.. and i'm still craving for more!
Just beside our office building is a small bibingka stall which opens from afternoon till early dawn. They cook it when you order so you'll get them hot and straight from the clay pot makeshift-ovens. I had two bibingkas already for merienda! Each cake costs Php 40 only. Lovely treat! :) I love christmas!

my second half-eaten bibingka.. and i'm full. burp!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

california maki love

California maki for dinner. Yey!

Got it from a store in a market near Dapitan Street. It is not the same quality as the ones they serve in restaurants, but not bad for just 60 pesos for 8 pieces. Not too heavy on the pocket and still yummy :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yellow cab cheese cheese cheese pizzaaaaaa!

Yellow Cab Pizza never fails to make me happy :)
Cheese pizza for dinner!