Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old Chinatown Kopitiam

I've been craving for Singapore food  and imagine my delight when I came across a signage that says kopitiam. Wow. It seems like ages since my last hawker feast. I was excited so I went with my friend to try out Old Chinatown Kopitiam. It is a small restaurant located in Ma. Clara St in Quezon City, serving Chinese cuisine. From the menu, it seems like it's more of Malaysian chinese cuisine than SIngaporean, but anyway we tried it out.

The interior quite reminds me of Food Republic's wooden interior in Vivo city, but somehow with old chinatown resto charm.

 The appetizer was delightful! Tastes like a better version of shing-a-ling strips dipped in vinegar! yum! 

I had this claypot rice taste in mind when I saw it on the menu (seems so real, i could almost taste it in my daydream). But I guess I ordered the wrong choice of claypot rice. I forgot the name but it was something like milky chicken in peanut sauce. It tastes different. It may be nice, i guess, if you like creamy peanut sauce with a little spice.

The waiter said that they ran out of the hainanese chicken rice so my friend opted for the sweet and sour pork in claypot rice. Well, she said it tastes like the one they serve in Chowking. ;p

For those who want to try, better ask them their bestsellers. haha. We didn't! We were quite on a budget so we got the cheap ones on the menu (the budget meal with bottomless iced tea included). Our bill only was only Php 250! :) The best ones cost around Php200 per dish. Anyway, there's always a next time to try it again.

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